Thursday, December 18, 2008

Waiting. . .

So I am 26 and a few days pregnant! I had to repeat my glucose test on Tuesday to see if I have gestational diabetes or not and I am still waiting on the results from that. Believe me that was not a fun experience--not being able to eat for 12 hours and then drinking 100 g of pure fruit punch flavored sugar, having my blood drawn 4 times and waiting for 3 more hours to eat. That was an experience I hope to never have to repeat. Kim went with me so that helped a lot and then I had an ultrasound after. The babies are looking good, they are measuring right on track. Baby A is actually measuring about a week ahead of Baby B, but they said that is fine. Baby B was kicking Baby A in the butt while we were watching, it was very cute. Much to my sister's dismay, the gender of the little ones still remains a mystery!! I can't believe I have three months left--it is coming very fast, I still have so much to do!

I had a first on Tuesday (besides the glucose test), Kim and I went to Applebee's for lunch, where the hostess kindly seated us at a booth. The problem being, she didn't bother to look and see how "fat" I currently am and that I couldn't even fit in sideways let alone turn to eat my food! We sat at the table across from the booth and the waiter was kind enough to say that I looked beautiful and told me it was only a temporary problem.:) What a wonderful day it was!:)

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Lynn and Barbie said...

What a funny story about Applebees!!
Looking forward to having you all come tomorrow for our Christmas celebration. Love, m