Friday, January 30, 2009

Crazy week!!!

It's been a while since I last posted and I'm not sure where to even start. Since my memory is failing me these days and I can't remember anything beyond last weekend--I will start there. Last Friday we headed out to Indiana to help Austin and Jana with their apartment renovations. We left our boys at Grandma's house and away we went. Tim's two sisters (Jana and Karla) went with us and of course my husband managed to get us there in record time even with a couple of traffic jams (Hmm, that whole marrying someone like your dad might have some merit:). Your probably thinking how in the world a woman who is 7 months pregnant with twins helped with renovations--well, I didn't. At first I felt really useless because I can't bend and I can't be around paint and I can't lift anything super heavy and I could go on and on but the point is, I got over it and greatly enjoyed spending my time at Uncle Kerm's house just lounging around and reading--not something I get to do very often, if ever. We had a great time spending time with Tim's family--they are wonderful--sometimes I wonder if it's fair that I have a wonderful family and I got to marry into a wonderful family! Anyway, now that I have overused the word wonderful:). Tim also got to go snowmobiling with Uncle Kerm in 0 degree temperatures. The picture below is him looking oh so thrilled that I insisted taking a picture of him in his getup.
We arrived home safe and sound on Sunday and picked up our boys, who were very glad to see Mommy and Daddy but also had a great time at both Grandmas houses.

So far Monday has been my only day at home this week and of course I felt a little lazy after being gone all weekend. Tuesday I headed to Mercy Hospital for my first non-stress test. I have to go in twice a week until I have the twins. Basically they hook me up to monitors and make sure everything is going well with the babies. It takes approximately 45 minutes and then I am free to go. On Tuesday I had a nurse that I would describe as a pessimistic realist. She thought it was her job to tell me all the bad things that could happen and that I would be very lucky to make it another 2-3 weeks. I left the hospital and told God that I did not agree with anything she spoke over me and that I would in fact have healthy twins and I will make it at least another 4-6 weeks.

Wednesday was a doctor's appointment at which she said everything looks good and I have no signs of premature labor--Praise the Lord!!

Thursday I got a Shiatsu massage and he told me that Baby A is head down again (PTL) and that Baby B is slanted down headfirst so I am feeling very positive and encouraged that I will be able to have a normal delivery for both of them. Oh and before I ever got to my massage I (true to myself) got stuck in an Amish guy's driveway! Tim came and pulled me out, it was rather embaressing. Then I almost couldn't make it in and out of my parent's driveway. As if I wasn't frustrated enough with all of that, on the way home my battery light came on in the van. I didn't think it could be the battery because it's less than a year old. I made it to my parent's house and talked to my dad and he said that it is the alternator--great! One good thing is that my dad is the alternator king. Along with all of my drama, my husband had a pretty bad day at work as well and couldn't take us home because he didn't get home until 2 something in the morning. So my wonderful mom brought us home so the boys could go to bed. Tim told me that even though we thought it wasn't a very good day that only means something good is going to happen soon. We are praying for that anyway. I am very thankful for my family and that we are all safe and sound.

Today I am going back to the hospital for another non-stress test and then I am going to go with my sister to a Brad Paisley concert in Moline!!! Very excited about that and hopefully the twins will be okay with the noise. :)

Here are some updated pictures of my daily growing self. I am 32 weeks. Gage thought he should show Daddy where the babies are.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Off To The Doctor

Yesterday was appointment day! It didn't quite go as planned but everything worked out fine. I couldn't start my van because it was negative 20 degrees and my van apparently isn't a fan of the cold. So Lynn graciously came up and tried to start it but alas I am not the only stubborn one in our family--it would not start. So it ended up that Jana and I went to Iowa City in Lynn's big ol' gray truck! We were only 25 minutes late for my doctor's appointment (just trying to live up to the Miller standards:). Dr. Clevenger said everything looks good and I am cleared to go to Indiana next weekend. Yay!!! On the way out of the room she told me to stay boring, she likes boring. Next Jana and I headed off to the mall for a little refreshment and some exercise as it was a few hours until my ultrasound. Since Iowa City schools were cancelled yesterday because of the frigid temperatures and snow, the mall was much busier than I expected. It is beyond me why someone would take a baby out on a day like that. Anyway after browsing around for 3 hours and only leaving with one purchase--pullups, we headed back to Westside Imaging where Jana got to drink free coffee and we got the privilege once again of peeking into the world of the amazing miracles inside of me. They are growing extremely well--Baby B weighs approx. 3lbs. 8 oz. and Baby A weighs approx. 3lbs. 11 oz. They are getting so big and while my belly and the rest of my body says otherwise, I look forward to them growing another 2-3 lbs each. Baby A decided that being head down was not as fun as being kicked in the head by Baby B so we are praying that in the next few weeks it gets sick of that and decides to flip around again and get ready for the Amazing Entrance into our scary world. The ultrasound technician said that there is still some moving room but will get less and less the bigger they get. It is all so amazing that there really are two little munchkins swimming around inside of me--I can't wait to meet them!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Wow, it has been a while since I posted last. Right now I feel like I am in a fog--my head is full and I am extremely tired! But I am praising God that my family has stayed healthy and away from the flu bug that has been going around! I am now 30 weeks pregnant and I am supposed to be going to the doctor tomorrow--we'll see if that happens since it is supposed to snow again tonight and tomorrow. I love winter! Today I was in one of three places: the couch, my bed or in front of my computer. My bed was my favorite place but I am sure I will pay for that tonight when it takes me 2 hours to go sleep. My house has also payed for my lack of movement today. This morning Reese came up to me (he wasn't wearing socks) and said "Mom, I wish that I wouldn't have to step on yucky stuff (meaning crumbs of food) when I walk through the dining room." I had to keep myself from laughing because he was so serious. You have to love the honesty of a three year old. If my husband had said that I would not have been laughing. :) Reese is growing up so fast. Last week he learned which hand is left and which is right--he is so proud of himself. He keeps talking about the babies and how he is going to help Mommy when they come out. He told his Sunday School teacher that he is the only one that can hold them when they come out. He is also going to teach Gage not to hit the babies. :) He is my sweet, sensitive little boy with a huge heart!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Simple Tasks...

29 Weeks Pregnant With Twins
Simple Tasks Becoming Increasingly Difficult:

Washing Dishes--my belly sticks out so far I have
to bend and end up killing my back after about
5 minutes.

Doing Laundry--belly is so big I can hardly
reach the bottom of my washer.

Sleeping--must side sleep and heartburn is
causing me to sleep half sitting up.

Shaving--can hardly reach the bottom of
my legs especially in a small shower.

Putting socks and shoes on--I can hardly
see my feet let alone put something on them.:)

Holding the boys--my lap is hardly big enough
and Gage gets very frustrated.

All of these are minor things though and I am very thankful to be 29 weeks pregnant with twins that are growing very well and I am greatly anticipating their arrival--just not too soon. :)