Friday, January 16, 2009

Off To The Doctor

Yesterday was appointment day! It didn't quite go as planned but everything worked out fine. I couldn't start my van because it was negative 20 degrees and my van apparently isn't a fan of the cold. So Lynn graciously came up and tried to start it but alas I am not the only stubborn one in our family--it would not start. So it ended up that Jana and I went to Iowa City in Lynn's big ol' gray truck! We were only 25 minutes late for my doctor's appointment (just trying to live up to the Miller standards:). Dr. Clevenger said everything looks good and I am cleared to go to Indiana next weekend. Yay!!! On the way out of the room she told me to stay boring, she likes boring. Next Jana and I headed off to the mall for a little refreshment and some exercise as it was a few hours until my ultrasound. Since Iowa City schools were cancelled yesterday because of the frigid temperatures and snow, the mall was much busier than I expected. It is beyond me why someone would take a baby out on a day like that. Anyway after browsing around for 3 hours and only leaving with one purchase--pullups, we headed back to Westside Imaging where Jana got to drink free coffee and we got the privilege once again of peeking into the world of the amazing miracles inside of me. They are growing extremely well--Baby B weighs approx. 3lbs. 8 oz. and Baby A weighs approx. 3lbs. 11 oz. They are getting so big and while my belly and the rest of my body says otherwise, I look forward to them growing another 2-3 lbs each. Baby A decided that being head down was not as fun as being kicked in the head by Baby B so we are praying that in the next few weeks it gets sick of that and decides to flip around again and get ready for the Amazing Entrance into our scary world. The ultrasound technician said that there is still some moving room but will get less and less the bigger they get. It is all so amazing that there really are two little munchkins swimming around inside of me--I can't wait to meet them!


Lindsay said...

Hi Angie! I saw a new follower on my blog and wasn't sure who it was at first! LOL. I didn't think I knew anyone having twins and then I saw your pic! I will catch up soon (but I'm at work)! Hope you're doing well. :-)

dana said...

Hi Ang! I heard from Lindsay that she had visited your blog, so I had to pop by too. We're so excited for you and the twins! Hope all is well.