Sunday, January 4, 2009

Simple Tasks...

29 Weeks Pregnant With Twins
Simple Tasks Becoming Increasingly Difficult:

Washing Dishes--my belly sticks out so far I have
to bend and end up killing my back after about
5 minutes.

Doing Laundry--belly is so big I can hardly
reach the bottom of my washer.

Sleeping--must side sleep and heartburn is
causing me to sleep half sitting up.

Shaving--can hardly reach the bottom of
my legs especially in a small shower.

Putting socks and shoes on--I can hardly
see my feet let alone put something on them.:)

Holding the boys--my lap is hardly big enough
and Gage gets very frustrated.

All of these are minor things though and I am very thankful to be 29 weeks pregnant with twins that are growing very well and I am greatly anticipating their arrival--just not too soon. :)

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