Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Long Day

What a day it has been already! Gage is trying to set a record of how many liquids he can dump on the carpet--first it was an entire cup of milk, then it was my orange juice that he grabbed off the desk, and last but not least he ran away in the middle of a diaper change and peed on a toy and the carpet!! He was quite perplexed by the last incident. :) Alas, nap-time is just around the corner!! Oh and Reese thought he would add to everything by dumping a whole bunch of straight pins on the floor too. Thank-you Lord for my little mess-makers.
Yesterday was a lazy day spent reading our new books that the boys got for Christmas this past weekend and playing with toys. So today is catch up day and I am feeling slightly sluggish. I finally called the doctor today to ask about my glucose test and the nurse said everything came back normal--Praise the Lord!! Sunday marked the beginning of my third trimester! I have 13 weeks left, maybe less. My goal is to make to 38 weeks. I am starting to feel a little panicked now thinking about everything that needs to be done yet. I just keep telling myself not to think about it until after Christmas is over. God has been very faithful to us and I know that everything will get done and happen in His perfect timing. Blessings and Merry Christmas to all!!

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Lynn and Barbie said...

It's much funnier hearing about the little mishaps when you're the grandparents and don't have to clean them up.(::) Glad to hear about your glucose test.
We forgot to fix our acct. on the family blog this weekend, so I still can't post on it.
You should see the ruts Dad made in the yard this morning trying to get the tractor and wagon full of wood to the "wood" window. And he thought I made ruts with the uni-loader.(::)