Saturday, February 28, 2009


Yesterday I had another routine non-stress test at the hospital (they know me there pretty well). I was only on the monitor for about 50 minutes but the nurse came in and said that there was an extreme decceleration in Baby A's heart rate. She said it was just by chance that they caught it on the monitor and it was probably nothing to worry about but the doctor wanted to make absolutely sure so they sent me down for another ultrasound. They watched for movement and to see that they were trying to breathe on their own (their chests were moving up and down). They both passed with flying colors--they got 8 out of 8. Then the technician started playing and tried to get some good pictures for us but they were being kind of stubborn. The above picture was the best we could get of Baby A. You have to use your imagination but the right side of his/her face is looking straight at you. The picture below is my favorite, it is Baby B's hand and wrist and you can actually see the fat rolls on the wrist!! I am so excited to meet them!!!

This is the bottom of Baby B's foot.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Reese's 4th Birthday

Welcome to the third post of the day.:) Tuesday was Reese's 4th Birthday and we had a party that night so he for sure would have a birthday party. Karla and I made this Lightning McQueen cake, he thought it was pretty cool. We had Tim's family and some of Reese's friends over--it was a loud event.:) Cousin Jeffrey gets a big hug from Gage.
Uncle Bob sitting with all of the kiddos.
The birthday boy smiling with his cake. Gage is shooting himself in the mouth in the background.:)
Lightning McQueen slippers from cousins Titus and Kyle.
He got some very cool horses from his friends Logan and Asher.
Cousin Jeffrey sleeping with a bag on his head right in the middle of the everything.:)
Grandpa Lynn made some fun building blocks for Reese. They have had lots of fun building with them!
Gage building a tower, sticking his tongue out in serious concentration. He is a true Slabaugh!


Last Saturday was Jana's (Tim's sister) wedding! Tim and I were stand-ups, Reese was supposed to walk down the aisle ringing bells with his cousin Titus, and Gage was supposed to sit in the wagon and throw petals with his cousin Kyle. Notice I said 'supposed to' before the boys job descriptions. They both did great at the rehearsal of course but wedding time came and Reese refused to walk down the aisle and Gage dumped all the petals in his lap and then proceeded to yell and scream the whole way down the aisle! Thankfully everyone just laughed.
Mom and sister helping lace her up in the back.
Tim helping his dad put his tie on (he was not excited about being choked to death by a tie).

It was a beautiful wedding and we are very excited about having Austin as part of our family now!! On the other hand it has been hard to accept that Jana will now live in Indiana but at least it is only 6ish hours away and not 20. We love them both and are very excited for them!!

Almost There ...

I know, I know, I know, I am a horrible blogger--I haven't updated in a very long time. So here goes, I will try to fill you in on all the happenings around the Bender house. Tuesday the 17th we went in for another ultrasound and here are some pictures from that, you have to use your imagination, the bigger they get the harder it is to get good pictures of them. According to the ultrasound approximations, Baby A weighed 5lbs. 7oz. and Baby B weighed 5lbs. 11oz.! Praise the Lord!! So hopefully by now they are each over 6lbs. In the first picture, Baby A is grabbing the bottom of his/her foot.
Baby A definitely has Tim's nose! :) He wasn't too excited about that, I just laughed!
Picture the baby looking straight at you and you will see it better.
This is the best we could get of Baby B, he/she is shy and doesn't like to cooperate for the camera.

As of today, I am 36 weeks and 6 days! They consider 37 weeks full-term for twins, so I am almost there!! Everything has been going good so far and we are very excited to meet our two little miracles! Reese is very excited and keeps asking Gage if he will be nice to the babies. :) He is so worried that Gage will hit them. Gage climbed into my lap a couple of days ago and wrapped his arms around my belly, laid his head down and said, "yuv you babies." Mommy melted!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I was thinking about it the other day and 3 out of the 5 Valentine's Days since we have been married, I have been largely pregnant! Not exactly the most romantic way to be, especially this year, I look like a giant blimp! :) But I wouldn't trade my kids (born and unborn) for the world. Speaking of, I had a weird dream last night that I had the twins and they pretty much just came out on their own with very little pushing, great huh! One was a girl and one was a boy,the weird part, was that they were fully clothed! :) In case any of you are wondering, we still have no idea whether they are boys or girls.

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and she said that I am dilated to 1, but that my cervix is still very high so I could still go for another couple of weeks. She also said that they don't usually let twins go more than 37-38 weeks. So I have about 3 weeks left at the most! Part of me is very ready to have them out and in my arms and the other part of me is scared out of my mind!! My prayer for labor is that things go very quickly and that I can have them both vaginally. They are both head down so that is very encouraging! She told me that she strongly recommends an epidural because if the second baby is not in the right position after the first one is out then she might have to stick her arm way up in there and turn the baby! She said "that can be very uncomfortable", I think she might have made the understatement of the year!!
I have an ultrasound on Tuesday so I will post more baby pictures then.

This week has been a week of getting haircuts, chiropractor treatments, and painting. We all got haircuts this week, Tim has never actually paid to get his hair cut before and he looks very nice. Reese and I went to the salon as well and he did such a good job, he sat there perfectly still and even giggled a couple of times when she tickled him with the clippers. This coming from the boy who screamed and cried through the first dozen haircuts of his life. I was very proud of him! Gage also got his first haircut ever! Kim did it and he just sat there like this is no big deal. I also took the boys for chiropractor treatments and this was the first time that neither one was scared or cried. It amazes me how fast they are growing up. As for the painting, my mom and my sister painted the back bedroom that will soon be Reese's room. It looks very nice. I'm not quite sure why we have waited this long to do it but oh well. He is very excited to move into his new room!

Sorry this post has no pictures but I will try to post again soon.