Friday, February 27, 2009

Reese's 4th Birthday

Welcome to the third post of the day.:) Tuesday was Reese's 4th Birthday and we had a party that night so he for sure would have a birthday party. Karla and I made this Lightning McQueen cake, he thought it was pretty cool. We had Tim's family and some of Reese's friends over--it was a loud event.:) Cousin Jeffrey gets a big hug from Gage.
Uncle Bob sitting with all of the kiddos.
The birthday boy smiling with his cake. Gage is shooting himself in the mouth in the background.:)
Lightning McQueen slippers from cousins Titus and Kyle.
He got some very cool horses from his friends Logan and Asher.
Cousin Jeffrey sleeping with a bag on his head right in the middle of the everything.:)
Grandpa Lynn made some fun building blocks for Reese. They have had lots of fun building with them!
Gage building a tower, sticking his tongue out in serious concentration. He is a true Slabaugh!

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Sara said...

My kids would swoon over that cake! We have a Cars obsession at my house right now. You did an awesome job with the cake!