Saturday, February 28, 2009


Yesterday I had another routine non-stress test at the hospital (they know me there pretty well). I was only on the monitor for about 50 minutes but the nurse came in and said that there was an extreme decceleration in Baby A's heart rate. She said it was just by chance that they caught it on the monitor and it was probably nothing to worry about but the doctor wanted to make absolutely sure so they sent me down for another ultrasound. They watched for movement and to see that they were trying to breathe on their own (their chests were moving up and down). They both passed with flying colors--they got 8 out of 8. Then the technician started playing and tried to get some good pictures for us but they were being kind of stubborn. The above picture was the best we could get of Baby A. You have to use your imagination but the right side of his/her face is looking straight at you. The picture below is my favorite, it is Baby B's hand and wrist and you can actually see the fat rolls on the wrist!! I am so excited to meet them!!!

This is the bottom of Baby B's foot.

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