Friday, February 27, 2009


Last Saturday was Jana's (Tim's sister) wedding! Tim and I were stand-ups, Reese was supposed to walk down the aisle ringing bells with his cousin Titus, and Gage was supposed to sit in the wagon and throw petals with his cousin Kyle. Notice I said 'supposed to' before the boys job descriptions. They both did great at the rehearsal of course but wedding time came and Reese refused to walk down the aisle and Gage dumped all the petals in his lap and then proceeded to yell and scream the whole way down the aisle! Thankfully everyone just laughed.
Mom and sister helping lace her up in the back.
Tim helping his dad put his tie on (he was not excited about being choked to death by a tie).

It was a beautiful wedding and we are very excited about having Austin as part of our family now!! On the other hand it has been hard to accept that Jana will now live in Indiana but at least it is only 6ish hours away and not 20. We love them both and are very excited for them!!

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