Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Alive and Sick :)

We are alive and some of us are doing well and others are sick! Everyday for the past month I have had the intention to blog, but alas my life has gotten busy and chaotic!! I wonder why?:) The picture above is of my sick boys 2 days ago before their fevers spiked too high. They are actually smiling in that picture. They have spent this week sitting around and watching movies. On Sunday, Gage started with a fever of 102 and then Reese developed a fever as well on Monday so I decided that I am not going to mess around with it and wonder what it is, I am just going to take them in. Yesterday morning saw us at the doctor by 9:15 in the morning, I was pretty impressed with myself, although I did have someone helping me. :) Anyway, Reese tested positive for strep and Gage tested negative but they said sometimes it can test positive over the next 24 hours so I am waiting on a call to see if it is still negative or if it turned positive. Last night after we got home their fevers both climbed to over 103 degrees and they both acted miserable and Gage started to get kinda delirious but we drugged them up and got them to sleep some and they woke up this morning fever free!! Praise the Lord!! Gage slept until almost 9am and when I went in his room he said "Hi mommy, I wuv you mommy!" My heart pretty much melted right there, my sweet little boy is back! We are definitely still not normal today but we are on the road to health!

Well, I have lots more to blog about but my time to blog is very limited so I will give you a preview of what is to come and I promise I will put more pictures on soon. The twins are doing great, they are growing everyday and right now we are praying that they can stay healthy through all of their brothers sickness. Oh and if you want to see some professional pictures of the twins and our family go to www.gehmanphotography.com and then click on 'enter main site' then on client login and the password is 'bender'. So long for now I will update again soon.

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Lindsay said...

Congratulations Angie! Glad to hear all is going well....besides the sickness that is. I LOVE the pics by the professional - especially the one of them both crying at the same time. So precious!