Thursday, April 9, 2009


Today was finally a little bit more normal (normal as we can be around here). Here is our last week and a half: Reese had strep, Gage had double ear infection, I have strep, Tim probably has strep but did not want to go to the doctor, and the twins have both been a little stuffy but Everett has been worse and been coughing. We were all at the doctor on Tuesday and Reese and Gage were fine, Hadyn was fine and Everett just had a little sore throat and congestion. They wanted to do a blood test on him just to make sure everything was for sure okay. They had to do it twice because the first reading was not right and they stuck him four times in his tiny little heel and all in the exact same place. He was beside himself and so was Mommy. Anyway, sometime in the middle of the night he started running a fever and they said to call immediately so I called Wednesday morning and they sent me to the hospital to do a chest X-ray and more blood work. By the time I got off the phone with the nurse and called my mother-in-law to see if she could go with me, I was in tears. But God is good and everything went great, my little Everett is so brave and he didn't even cry when they drew his blood from his tiny little arm. We had the best lab technician we could ever have asked for. He made one huge grimace from behind his pacifier when she went in but that was it. He was doing better than Mommy. The chest X-ray came back fine as did all the blood work. When we got to the doctor, he did have an ear infection in the right ear. Just the day before his ear was fine. So the doctor thought the fever was probably due to the ear infection. I am glad we caught before he was in too much pain from it. The problem now is that the antibiotic gives him tummy ache. But I have two healthy babies and I am so thankful for them!! Things can only get better from here is what I keep telling myself.

I promise there will be more pictures soon!! Thank-you to everyone that has been praying for us, we have definitely felt them!! We love you all!!

Oops, I almost forgot the best part! The twins are growing like weeds. Everett is 7lbs 10oz and Hadyn is 8lbs 7 1/2oz!!

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