Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Birth Story Part 1

The photo story of the twins' birth will come in several different segments. This is part 1: the labor. We arrived at the hospital around 8:15am on Wednesday, March 4th for a scheduled induction. It didn't take long for them to break my water, get me all hooked up and away we went. Okay so it took a little while before the drugs started to do what they were supposed to. It was about noon before I got the epidural because my contractions had to be every other minute before they would give it to me. Something I thought was interesting was that my contractions felt harder than what they were showing up on the monitor and they said that because my uterus was so stretched out with twins that it couldn't contract as far. Anyway, true to me and my body my epidural still had a window of pain in my right side, where I could still feel the contractions. But I was thankful the pain wasn't all over and I wasn't going to feel them coming out.:) So here I am all hooked up and smiling--must have been after the epidural or in between contractions. :)The babies were being monitored too. Everett on the inside and Hadyn on the outside.
Here I am again just waiting for things to get going.
I loved my nurse, I had her with both Reese and Gage too. She was so sweet and fun. In this picture you can kind of see how extremely large I was. Yes, my belly really does stick out that far, it isn't just the blanket.
And here is my wonderful husband just hanging out waiting to get all queasy and pale-faced.:) He almost lost it when they gave me the epidural and had to leave the room. I love him dearly but he can't handle it when I am in pain.

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