Saturday, April 11, 2009

Never Say Never

So our pediatrician told us that strep almost never occurs in infants. Well the nurse called this morning to say that Everett's strep culture came back positive. He is already on amoxicillin for his ear infection so we didn't need to do anything different. I feel so bad for him, he is only five weeks old but I think he feels better and we are all on our way to health again!! Praise the Lord!!

Tonight we were at Karla's house and she helped the boys dye eggs. After Gage was done he came in to the living room to tell me hi and had blue around his mouth. I asked him if he ate the dye and he said, "no, I eat coffee." Apparently anything dark in a mug is coffee to him. :) It was very cute. I hope easter egg dye is non-toxic.

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