Friday, July 16, 2010

Joslyn Rayna

Meet the newest member of our family:  Joslyn Rayna Bender!!  She was born June 24th at 7:35 pm.  She weighed 6 lbs. 15.6oz. and was 21 1/4 in. long.  She came out pink and crying which was reassuring and an answer to prayers.  Okay so I will back up.....Thursday the 24th started as any other day.  I had a massage and a dr's appt. so my mom came to watch my kids at our house.  I went to my massage first and then to my routine dr's appt.  Everything was normal until the dr. listened to the heartbeat and I could hear it right away. The baby had heart arrhythmia.  Basically the heart rate was very irregular.  She told me not to panic, leave the office, call my husband and freak out (almost her exact words).  I said I am fine and I won't freak out.  So, I only halfway freaked out. :)  She said it might be nothing but that I needed to go to Mercy Hospital right away and do a non-stress test and an ultrasound.  So I walked into the hospital and right away all the nurses remembered me, from the twins, and were very caring.  The ultrasound showed that structurally the heart looked perfect.  Good!!  Her heart rate was still very irregular and it would drop from 150 to 50!  Not good!!  Nobody knew for sure what to do so they decided to break my water.  I called Tim and in less than 30 minutes he was standing at my side (it generally takes longer to get to the hospital than that, let alone parked and inside:).  They broke my water at 12:45pm.  The doctor wasn't sure if it was safe to let me labor naturally so she wanted to do a c-section or send me over to the University and have them monitor me more closely.  The baby was going to go to the University NICU either way so we decided to head over and try to deliver naturally.  I got my first (and hopefully last) ambulance ride with sirens and lights going.  I was very glad my contractions weren't very strong yet.  They aren't kidding when they say, "it's a bumpy ride."  My nurse from Mercy got to ride over with me so she could keep tabs on the baby's heart rate.  She was wonderful!  After we got to the U the pediatric cardiologist reassured us that this was fairly common (in his world) and that the baby would most likely be perfectly healthy.  So at approximately 7 hours after they broke my water, we welcomed beautiful baby Josyln Rayna into this world!!  I was so grateful to be able to deliver her naturally and without any drugs.  (Although I struggled with being grateful for about the last 45 minutes of it:)  They took her to the NICU soon after her birth and kept her there over night and part of the next day just to monitor her heart rate.  She has what they call PACs--premature atrial contractions.  Basically her heart skips every third or fourth beat when in this mode.  It happens less than 20 percent which is apparently okay.  The peds cardiologist said if it is more than 20 percent than they are worried otherwise she is fine and will be normal.  We have an appointment for an EKG at the beginning of August to make sure nothing has changed. 
We think she is perfect in every way!
 Daddy is in love, once again!
 The boys absolutely adore her!!!  Gage kept saying, " She's so cute!"  They couldn't wait to bring her home.
    We love you Joslyn Rayna!! 

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