Monday, August 16, 2010

Two Weeks Of. . . . .

           Our last two weeks in random order: 
  • 2 little munchkins eating dog food at Grandma's house (and loving it enough to throw a fit when I took it away.)
  • many scraped knees, elbows and toes
  • lots of garage-saling and treasures found
  • painting of Reese's school desk in preparation for homeschooling
  • fun days at Grandma's
  • an unexplained entry of a bird in an upstairs bedroom of our house
  • pooping in the bathtub ( credit of one twin) followed by much crying (both twins) and jumping out of the tub and landing on poor unsuspecting baby sister and Mommy laughing because it is either that or cry :)
  • Mommy being asked by a wonderfully tactful Wal-Mart employee if I am going to have a baby (while Joslyn is sitting in the cart right next to me). Christ-like manner won and I didn't deck him even though he deserved it.
  • Joslyn's EKG being completely normal PTL!!!!!!!
  • Joslyn growing like a weed
  • Gage getting stung by a wasp
  • too much chocolate consumption
  • too little sleep
  • feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities
  • struggling to squeeze a workout in my day
  • crazy hot, humid weather
  • entire box of fruit loops being dumped on the living room floor followed by two gleeful looks
  • lots of muddy faces, hands and feet
  • lots of baths
  • 30 some loads of laundry
  • wishing I had more time, patience, energy and a better schedule to get things accomplished
  • hoping the next two weeks go well and treasuring memories made :)

1 comment:

Borkholders said...

Wow Ang !! Moments of joy, right (:
I was particulary amazed at the 30 loads of laundry...I shouldn't complain about 5/wk!! (: