Tuesday, September 7, 2010

PURPLE . . . .

  . . . is the color of grapes growing on our grapevine.
 . . . is the color of the grapes we picked off our grapevine.
  . . . is the color of the juice and jelly we made from the grapes off our grapevine. 
  . . .is also the color of our favorite smoothies right now!
. . . is the color of my children while eating their favorite smoothie.:)
  I love the color purple, but mostly I love that water washes away the color purple, most of the time! :)


Shelley said...

Way to go Angie! Inspires me to make grape juice. :)

Cute kiddos, too!

Sara said...

How cool! My kids would get a kick out of growing their own grapes. Your kids are adorable!!