Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Gage!!!

Happy Birthday to my sweet, wonderful, ornery little boy, Gage!! Okay so this post is a week late, but due to a horrific abscess in my tooth, we celebrated his birthday a little late. His birthday was actually last Monday, the 11th. He turned 2!! The above picture was taken on his birthday. Because I wasn't feeling well we postponed his birthday party, but I still wanted to do something special on his birthday. So, at 8pm (bedtime) I took Gage and Reese to Casey's and Gage got to pick out a chocolate bar. He loves chocolate!!! We went home and he ate the entire candy bar before he went to bed (well I might have had a couple of bites myself:). He woke up the next morning and before he even got out of bed, he asked for more 'choc-yut'.

On Saturday evening we finally had a real birthday party for him with our families. But as you can tell by the pictures, I was not as creative with his cake as I was with Reese's. Poor boy, his birthday came after the twins instead of before. He still thought it was great and loved his 'choc-yut' cupcake!!

Here is the birthday boy looking really guilty after dipping his fingers into the frosting and licking them. I just laughed!
After every present he opened, Tim would tell him to say thank-you to whoever gave it to him. Well, he went a step further and had to go and give them a hug . . . so one by one he went around the room and gave everyone a hug as he opened his presents. It was so cute!!
Gage has lots of fun playing with his brother Reese and is always ready to tell the twins "it's okay, baby", when they are crying. His smile can brighten up my day and I love to hear him talk. He speaks in full sentences and has an adorable way of saying everything. He can also be very naughty and ornery. He is very independent right now, wanting to do everything for himself. My favorite thing he does right now is he will randomly come up to me and give me a hug and say "I love you, Mommy." That melts my heart every time!
Happy 2nd Birthday, my adorable little Gage!!! I love you so much and our family would not be complete without you!

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