Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tunnel Vision

I've been having to remind myself lately that we are in a tunnel and we will come out of it sooner or later and to just enjoy being in it. Having four kids age four and under presents new challenges every day. Yesterday Gage woke up in the morning and promptly proceeded to vomit and continued to do so throughout the day. Today he was better but still not himself. He kept telling me to put the baby on the floor or in the swing so I could hold him. He was so sad and I felt so bad that I couldn't just sit and hold him the whole day.

I feel like sometimes I read other moms blogs and think they have it all together and their families are perfect and wonderful. Well, just in case you were wondering--WE ARE NOT PERFECT AND I DO NOT HAVE IT ALL TOGETHER!! I love my kids and my husband more than anything else in the world, but there are days when I would kill to have an hour alone with no interruptions. Okay, so to be honest I could handle an entire day alone but an hour sounds a little more attainable. Baby steps. God is trying to teach me things in the midst of all this (you would think He would give me a break during this chaotic part of my life:), such as leaning on Him and especially about not complaining. When I start letting myself complain and whine about things not going the way I want them to or other not-so-fun circumstances (sickness...) that come along, I know it only makes things worse for myself and those around me like my family. So I am trying to be more positive and have a good attitude about everything that comes at me. After all my "job" is to be teaching and training my children to be lovers of God and to do all things without grumblings and complaining. So to all of you out there, I hope you have a complaining-free day and hope that if you ever hear me whining about something you will call me on it. Have a blessed day!!

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Borkholders said...

That's a good reminder for my OWN attitude!! Thanks