Friday, February 19, 2010

Bible Study and The Twins

A couple of weeks ago, I started a Beth Moore Bible Study, titled "Living Beyond Yourself."  It is centered on being filled with the Holy Spirit and living Spirit-filled lives.  I am privileged to do with some of my dearest friends and every week I look forward to getting together with them and being able to share our struggles, our God stops with each other and encouraging and lifting each other up.  We also have 5 days of homework we are supposed to complete each week and that is also something I look forward to.  This morning one of the verses she had us read was Philippians 2:13--"For God is working in you, giving you the desire to obey him and the power to do what pleases him."  I have read that verse before but it really hit me this morning that we cannot, no matter how much we try, please or obey God in our own power.  Sometimes I know that I should or should not do something, but I have no desire to obey and do it or not do it, as the case may be.  It is awesome that He will actually give us the desire to obey Him in everything!   

On a different note, yesterday was a lazy, stay in your pajamas all day, sort of day.  Here are some pictures to prove it.  Not of me though, you don't want to see that. :)  I love the pj's that Hadyn has on!  It makes me want to be little and wear fun pj's again. :)
 Miss Cheesy!!!
 Big Brother Love!!
This was taken as he was crawling at me and the next second there were tiny fingerprints all over the front of my lens.:)

One last little story to amuse you:  Right after Gage woke up in the morning, he was sitting on the couch and in a very whiny voice he asked me if he could watch a movie.  I said that no he couldn't and that whining was not going to get him a movie.  So immediately his tone changed and he asked, "Is this going to get me a movie?"  I had to laugh and so he laughed and then asked, "Is laughing going to get me a movie?"  I still said no but I had a good chuckle out of it!:)  It amazes me how quickly he catches on to things!  A challenge to all of the mothers out there:  WRITE DOWN THE FUNNY THINGS YOUR KIDS SAY!!!  I am trying but still forget sometimes.  Hope you all have a blessed day!!

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