Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Our Week (or two)....

Life around our house is never dull, hectic, but never dull.  Here is what a "typical" day in our house looks like.  First off I have been getting into a new habit of getting up an hour to an hour and a half earlier than the rest of my family.  I know, I know, most moms already do this and I used to, but to be honest this past year I have been cherishing every second of sleep that I have gotten.  Therefore, until I hear that yelling on the monitor or feel little hands shaking me and a voice saying, "Mommy, I sleeped really long and now I waked up! Please get up with me", I wasn't getting up.  Anyway, on to my point, I have been getting up early and though it is hard to roll out of bed, I absolutely love it!!  It is the part of the day I most look forward to now.  I can get things done without little ones constantly needing attention, I can have my coffee (which is only half-caf btw:(), and most importantly I have been able to sit down and have devotions without being interrupted or extremely exhausted!  Did I mention that I LOVE coffee!!  It is a weakness but not one I have the strength to work on yet.  Baby steps.  

Next in our day is of course the rest of the family waking up and breakfast, play and cuddles ensue.  The kids all play quite well together with the normal sibling squabbles here and there.  We have told the boys that they are each other's best friend and that they will love each other and be kind to each other.:)  The twins have started to mind a little when the other one takes something away.  It is pretty funny actually, Everett can take something away and Hadyn will just screech and take it back, but if it happens the other way around, Everett just cries like he is brokenhearted.   What does that tell you?!?!:)    They are getting so big and I can't believe they are 11 months old already!!!  Little side note here but by the time you all read this it will be my mom's 60th birthday!!!!  That's right, February 4th!  Happy Birthday, Mom, I love you more than you could ever know!!!    

After the twins go down for a morning nap, the boys and I have school.  It's the part of the day that we all look forward to.  It's nothing major, (after all I am the teacher:), but they are actually learning things and we have a lot of fun. They love to color.  

Then lunch, then naps and then the best part of the day--Daddy comes home!!!  The above picture was taken during a movie and when I left the room the boys were sitting on the couch but apparently something slightly scary happened because when I came back the boys were both in Daddy's lap.  By the time I got my camera, they were giggling at Beethoven.  I love that sound! 
Here is our house, in all it's mess and glory.  Why, you may ask, is the chair ottoman in the doorway between the kitchen and the living room?  Well, whenever I open the dishwasher door, it has this magnetic-like pull on both of my twins.  They both love to climb onto the door and proceed to empty the dishwasher as fast as I can fill it!  So Daddy barricaded them in the living room and gave them raisins to keep them happy.
I have a hard time saying no to their adorable smiles.:)  Hope you enjoy the pictures and hopefully next time I will have something more interesting to blog about.  Oh yeah and if you think about it I would love your prayers for Everett.  He has been really fussy the past few days and had a fever today and I don't know what is wrong.  My prayer is that when I wake up in the morning he is going to be perfectly healthy and fine!  I'll let you know.  Blessings and good night or good morning:)!!!

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