Sunday, February 28, 2010

It All Began Five Years Ago.....

....this last wednesday when we welcomed our precious, firstborn son into this world.  And so our family began to grow (and has yet to stop growing:).  Our lives have never been the same, we have been challenged, changed and molded beyond anything we could have imagined!!  Happy Birthday to our dear, wonderful son, Reese!!  When he was born, I couldn't imagine the day that he would start school and now that is just around the corner!  On wednesday we had a party for him complete with his requested dinosaur cake.
 It's not perfect, but he thought it was cool.:)  His grandparents, great-grandmas and cousins came over to help him celebrate.  

He got a cool Hawk-eye shirt and football from Aunt Kim and his cousins.  
A lamp that he got from Grandma Slabaugh along with a milk truck that he immediately said was a "creamery truck."  (Tim works at a creamery.)
He received many other gifts that required Mommy's assistance and so for the rest of the week we played games, built a tow truck with lego's, made sandwiches and other things out of Bendaroo's, and played with Moon Sand.
Looks yummy, huh!?!
Moon Sand--Fun Stuff!!
Not for Babies!!!!!

Thank-you to all family and friends who have helped or contributed in some way over the last five years in Reese's life.  Thank-you also to God for giving us such a beautiful and miraculous gift in our son, Reese.  We love you so much, Reese and we look forward to the next five years and beyond!!  

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Lindsay said...

Holy moly girl! Sorry - I am just checking back with you. To be honest I thought you didn't blog anymore, but I completely understand the lack of posting! :-)

1. CONGRATS on the new baby!!
2. Your twins are getting SO big!!

Take care!

Oh wait - one more thing: We just had friends who had twins the other day - what would be MOST helpful to know, cuz you've been there :-)