Friday, February 12, 2010

My Mom's 60th Birthday!

My Mom, a wonderful, kind, amazing woman!!  Thursday, the 4th was my mom's 60th Birthday!  My sister and I picked her up on Thursday morning and took her out for breakfast with Anna and Marge.  We had a good time!  
Then we spent the rest of the day shopping.  Always fun!:) 

In the evening, Tim, the kids and Kim's kids came to Mom's and we had pizza.  Gage and Kelsie blew a ladybug (dead) back and forth on the kitchen table!  There were lots and lots of giggles and screams from Gage when he thought it was going to get him. :)  
Mom thought that was all she was going to get for her birthday, but we weren't done yet. ;) 
I had invited all of her siblings to come and surprise her that weekend but due to weather and other circumstances only one sibling could come--her sister Mary.  Shannon, Shae and Annika also came and even surprised me.  He had been sick and so I called him on Saturday morning to see if he was coming or not, and he went on and on about how he still felt awful and that he wasn't coming.  Well a couple of hours later he showed up!  Someday I will get him good! :)  Anyway, Mom was excited to see Mary and we had a party for her on Saturday night.  We all brought gifts to equal 60 total.  She had lots of help opening them.  :)  I love you Mom!!

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