Monday, September 21, 2009

Apples, Doctors & Mice...

....these three things have nothing in common, but all played a part in my day. My day started at 6:30 this morning with Gage crying and not being able to breathe very well. He has had a cold for about a week now but just today started wheezing and running a temp. I held him for a while but alas, today was applesauce day!! 125 quarts of applesauce to be exact. Most of which I didn't help with. :( I did help (in between taking care of sick Gage and feeding Hadyn) until about 1:30 and then decided that Gage should indeed go to the doctor!

Thanks to my mom, Karla, Grandma Ruth, Martha and Barbie the apples got done! I have two WONDERFUL families. And did I mention that they kept my other three kids here while doing applesauce. (And even got Hadyn to take a bottle--an accomplishment let me tell ya!) Thank-you Lord for family!!

Well, back to the doctor story........Gage was in bad sorts when we got there. He cried the whole time we were in the waiting room and everyone just looked at us--some looked sorry for us and others looked plain annoyed. I decided I didn't care what they thought, I knew that he was in pain and not feeling well at all and if he needed to cry then I would let him cry! So there!:) Anyway, I finally got him calmed down enough (sleeping actually) to let the doctor listen to him and he decided to send us over to Mercy Hospital to do a chest x-ray to make sure it wasn't pneumonia--it wasn't thank the Lord!! That was an experience I don't want to repeat ever again!! They put him in this thing called the piggy. I know doesn't the sound of that just create warm and fuzzy feelings all inside of you--NOT!!! The tech warned me over and over that it would be very tight and that he would cry a lot but I was still in tears. He had to straddle this small hard piece with his legs dangling below and then his arms had to be raise straight up and then this see-through cage of sorts was strapped around him so he could not move a muscle. His shirt was off and the plastic thing was digging into him and he was hanging by his crotch--it was awful and he cried and yelled for mommy!! Mommy was crying!! It looked close to abuse. But she said that it keeps him from moving and she got two good quick pictures and didn't expose him to too much radiation, which was a good thing. Anyway, we both recovered quickly once I got him out. He gave me a big hug right away and said I love you mommy. I wanted to cry all over again. He is the sweetest little boy! He even told the tech thank-you when we left.:) I don't think I would have, if it was me in the piggy.

Well now that I have gone on in great detail, the doctor said that sometimes with colds and other allergens in the air, kids will get really tight in the we did a nebulizer treatment in the doctor's office and then they sent me home with one to do it at home. He hates it but it helps a lot. Oh and did I forget to mention that he also has an ear infection! We went to Wal-Mart after we left the doctor and spent an hour and 20 minutes waiting on his prescriptions to get filled! It wasn't their fault but I was getting annoyed and Gage and I were both very hungry. Enough with the complaining though, I am very thankful that he doesn't have pneumonia and I am continuing to pray that he gets better. It is very hard to watch my 2-year-old not be able to breathe without a lot of effort, so we would much appreciate your prayers as well.

Oh yeah, about the mice, they weren't even that big of a part in my day but enough to make me annoyed. At around 7:45 this morning I was standing at my kitchen sink when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a mouse scurry across my bathroom floor and disappear underneath the basement door. Then later in the morning I was in the basement taking some stuff out of my freezer and bent down to pick up something and I smelled an all too familiar and horrific smell coming from underneath my freezer--a dead mouse. We found one underneath the freezer several years ago and it smelled awful, still had maggots on it and my husband MADE me sweep it up with the sweeper, in efforts to toughen me up I guess. Then I MADE him empty out the sweeper (it was a canister), I think I probably got the bettter end of the deal.:) Anyway, back to today, I didn't even try to look, I am going to most kindly and graciously ask my husband to take care of the matter and I will most likely not be around when he does. Since his married "job" description includes killing spiders and taking out dead mice. :) I love him!!

Well I am off to bed since I am now writing about "today" and it's actually "tomorrow." Are you confused yet?:) Thanks again to all of the wonderful women who did my applesauce for me, while I took Gage to the doctor. That meant a lot to me! I love you all!! I hope you all have a good night/day!!

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