Friday, September 11, 2009


I am way behind in posting. I promise I will catch up this coming week. Just to catch you up a little about what has been happening in our lives... The twins are now 6 MONTHS OLD!!! I can hardly believe they are that old already but it's true. I will have a post about that coming soon as well as a post on our trip to Indiana and other random things I might like to post about and bore you all with.:)

As for right now, it is 2:10 in the morning and I should be in bed but I finally (2 hours ago) got to sit down and be completely by myself for the first time in several days. Tim is in Kentucky right now, so it's just me and the kids and whoever else I con into helping me, like my mom, Karla, Barbie, Kristi, Jodi, and anybody else who would like to stop by.:) Well, I am feeling less than creative in my writing at this moment in time so I think I will drag my tired body up to bed and leave you to look forward to all of the upcoming posts (with pictures). :) Hope you all have a good day tomorrow, oops I mean today. I'm sure I will be tired.:) A price I will pay for a couple of SWEET, QUIET hours to myself!! Now that I have rambled on and on, I am going to bed!!!!

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