Thursday, September 24, 2009

Our Newest Adventure.....

Cloth diapering. I know, that's a shock isn't it.:) I'm pretty sure somewhere along the line I probably said that I would never cloth diaper my kids. A good, case in point of never say never. :) Well I did it for two reasons: to save money--I spend almost 200.00 in diapers pull-ups every month as I essentially have four kids still in diapers! (Yes, Reese is still in pull-ups due to a long-time issue with pooping--another post altogether.) Anyway, I am only cloth diapering the twins and hopefully sometime in the next year both Reese and Gage will be fully potty-trained. My second reason: it is better for them. Disposable diapers contain dioxins and chlorine, both of which are not good for a baby.

My husband has been rather reluctant through the whole process so I keep disposables on hand for when he wants to use them and for when we are gone.

We just started last week and at first it was a little overwhelming. I have to do laundry every other day and still sometimes don't have quite enough. Now I am in a little bit more of a routine and I don't mind washing the diapers.

So far, my favorite diapers are one size Bum Genius pocket diapers and the one size Happy Heinys pocket diapers. I am coming into this a little late considering that I waited until babies 3 and 4 to start but I decided that it's never too late to try something different especially when it's better for them.

They are pretty cute actually! I'm still getting used to how much bulk it adds to their clothes. I bought some onesie extenders which help a lot.

I love their chubby little legs!!
Life is a journey and we are just trying to make the right choices with God's help and to the best of our knowledge. Hope you are all having a good and blessed day. (And more productive than what mine has been so far:)


Megan said...

Way to go on the cloth diapering--I was never that brave! Oh, & I love those chubby little legs of theirs. . . so cute!

dana said...

It's really not that bad, is it? I love my bum genius. They're more leak-proof on Wyatt than the Fuzzibunz one-size. I haven't tried Happy Heinys yet. I'd like to try the new ones from Cotton Babies ... maybe on eventual baby #2.

christina said...

yay, I haven't been keeping up with blogs at all lately, and it is fun to see this and see that I can comment now =) too bad that it has to be at this time of day, though. anyway, you're cool and I love you =)

Anonymous said...

Way to go busy mama! i am doing the cloth diaper thing too--it really isn't so bad ;) Dorothy